Letters of appreciation

Recently we receive two letters of appreciation from FISU and IOF. Letters are so nice, that we want to share with you. Thank you FISU and IOF for cooporation and oportunity to organize this event.

IOF letters
FISU Letter


WUSOC in National TV

Tommorow 3.3. 2022 at 10:20 will be broadcasted the AFTERMOVIE of the WUSOC 2022 in National TV. Don´t miss it out.


More photos

More photos from WUSOC 2022, this time from Japanese coach view. Photos can be found HERE, HERE and HERE. Enjoy 🙂


Thank you, but not goodbye

The closing ceremony in Eduard race arena made the 2022 FISU World University Championship Ski orienteering come to its end. It was the intense week full of skiing and Orienteering, new friendships, and a lot of fun.

We would like to thank to all athletes who come from all over the word to compete in the Czech Republic. Also big thanks to everyone who has follow our Facebook or Instagram accounts. And last but not least: huge thanks belong to all the organizers and volunteers who made the WUSOC 2022 possible.   

 We are saying thank you but not goodbye! Because tomorrow there will be a Czech National Championship in Ski Orienteering in Eduard event arena, and many of WUSOC athletes will take part in tomorrow’s races. You can follow them at the webpages of the competition.


Tight victory for Müller and Deininger

The FISU 2022 World University championship ski orienteering has come to an end with the mass start middle distance. In the forests around Boží Dar were 27 women and 33 men competing for the victory. Beautiful but challenging middle distance course in the heart of Ore brings extremely tight fight for the medal in both men and women category.

Gold medal ended up for Swiss skier Nicola Müller, who achieve first victory after 3 bronze medals in the championship. Second place goes to Sweden thank Rasmus Wickbom. For this talented Swedish skier, it was the 4th silver medal in a row at the Championship, getting all the second places across the disciplines. And finally, bronze medal is taking Jorgen Baklid from Norway.

Women race dominated girls for Switzerland, where Eliane Deininger beat her compatriot Alina Niggle for less than 1 second and the winner had to be determined by photo finish. The bronze was won by Judita Traubaite from Lithuania, who finish only 10 second behind the leading two.

Results, splits, GPS tracking and more you can find at WUSOC live center.


Maps from Sprint Relays

You can find all variants of legs from Sprint Relay here or in WUSOC LIVE.


Middle fresh info

Middle Last instructions bulletin


Tight race in sprint relays

The winners of WUSOC 2022 sprint relay were the Russian team consisting of Artemii Dorma and Olesia Riazanova. Swedish team (Rasmus Wickbom, Klara Yngevsson) have shown great shape and finish for silver medal. The dramatic fight for the bronze medal ended up for Switzerland (Noel Boos, Eliane Deininger), who beat the Norway family duo by only 7 seconds.


General technical notes 2 is publised.


Golds for Baklid and Marina

It was a breathtaking show, Norwegian skier Jorgen Baklid won his second gold medal at WUSOC 2022 after very tight race. The dramatic fight for the silver medal ended up for Rasmus Gustaf Wickbom who Nicola Muller by only 2 second.

Even among woman, it was very tight race. Viatkina Marina from Russia deposed the current queen Olesia Riazanova and took gold medal. Bronze same as yesterday took a Norwegian Jenny Baklid.

Course prepared by son and father duo Mareček, was very technically, contains many difficult choices between fast skate tracks and shorter dashed trails. For sure we can say, that we saw fantastic performances by all runners.


Sprint distance gold for Baklid and Riazanova

The first race of the championship took place in ski arena Eduard. The organizers prepared courses with a wide network of route choices 2.5 km long with 45 m elevation gain and 12 controls for women, and 3.3 km with 55 m elevation gain and 17 controls for men. The first gold medals went to Norway and Russia thanks to Jorgen Baklid and Olesia Riazanova, who managed to finish the race 2 minutes before the expected winning time. Congrats!!


Fotos, results and more you can find at WUSOC Live center.


Have a look on 2022 WUSOC international teams.


General Technical Meeting notes


Four Races for Golden Glory

It’s already been a success for the athletes, the organizers, and FISU that the World University Championship Ski Orienteering could start, being the first FISU event since March 2020. Strict health measures apply to all competitors and delegation members. This event works as a preparatory event for some athletes before the IOF World Championship in Finland (March 14-19, 2022).

Although the opening ceremony will occur only tomorrow, the 75 athletes from 12 countries are already on the slopes getting ready for the races.

During the five competition days (February 22-26, 2022), four events (3 individuals and one relay) will take place in Jáchymov, Czech Republic. In Sprint relay, the competitors alternate three times, making six legs altogether.

Approximate winner times:

·        Sprint race: 12-15 minutes

·        Pursuit race: app. 30-35 minutes

·        Sprint relay:6-8 minutes per leg

·        Middle race: app. 35-40 minutes, start positions according to the pursuit results

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Quick history:

The academic competition in the industry is relatively young.

–        In 2016 in Tula, Russia organized the first World University Championship Ski Orienteering.

–        In 2018 in Tartu, Estonia held the second Championship.

–        In 2019 Ski Orienteering appeared in the program of the Winter Universiade in Krasnoyarsk, Russia for the very first time

–        In 2020 due to the Pandemic, there was no event held.

–        In 2021 due to the Pandemic, the Universiade in Luzern was canceled

–        In 2022 4th time that the academic world has organized a worldwide international event.

Few photos from model event


Bulletin 2 is uploaded!!


New updates

ransport and Schedule pages was updated!!


List of participants

List of particants is ready. Check it out!


Excelent snow conditions


Cheer with us!

For all fans of WUSOC, we prepare bulletin about Jáchymov 2022 FISU World University Championship Ski Orienteering.

The bulletin is aimed at Czech audiences, but with little help of translator, it is perfect start to learn a bit of Czech language.



Lukas Bauer Interview

Boží Dar, the place where top athletes will fight about the medals during FISU World University Championship Ski Orienteering, is also place, where live and train Lukáš Bauer. Legendary Czech cross-country skier – who has silver from the Winter Olympics in Torino, two bronze medals from the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, two silver from World championship in Czech and Sweden and gold medal for overall result of Word Cup and Tour de Ski. We ask him to tell us something about his experience with competition area.

Hello Lukas, since most of the races will take place at the Eduard sport area, I would like to know if you have any special or interesting memories of this place?

I participated in a lot of cross country skiing races at the Eduard spor area, especially as a junior. I was also trying biathlon for a while and took part in summer orienteering races. I live in the nearby village called Boží Dar, so I usually go thourg the area during running or mountain bike riding. And of course, sometimes in the summer I come for a short swim.

Which one is your favourite track around the village of Boží Dar?

As far as winter tracks are concerned, I like the public routes, which are a little easier at the Czech side of the Krušné moutains and a little more challenging at the German side. I also really like the 20 km long route starting at Boží Dar, leading around Špičák hill to the Barbora´s crossroad and then back through the Abertamy tracks and the Dead pond.

What is your favourite place in the whole region?

The advantage od Karlovy Vary region is a fact that everyone can find a suitable activity. From relaxing in Karlovy Vary or Jáchymov spa to historic places like Loket castle, Letohrádek in the town of Ostrov or local old mint. Sport lovers can enjoy Krušné mountains – skiing or crosscountry skiing during the winter, bike parks at Klínovec or Plešivec in the summer, water sports,… and much more!

If I remember well, you participated in the orienteering race which took place at the Eduard sport area few years ago – how did you enjoy it? How about participating in the ski-orienteering race as well?

Yes I did! It was exactly at the Eduard sport area and I really enjoyed it, even though knowing the local terrain didn´t help me, or at least not as much as I hoped. Let´s just say, orienteering runners are awesome. I like orienteering and I am trying to join the races as much as I have the opportunity. I haven´t tryied skiorienteering though, but I am open minded for it for the future.

Would you like to say something to the young university athletes?

I hope you all will enjoy the championship at the Eduard sport area, good luck and have fun!


WUC Ski-O Participancy

12 countries approved (see the table), organizers still wait for Lithuanian confirmation. Special welcome for athletes from Japan, the most distant team (more than 11 000 kilometres). The “bubble concept” will be used, all participants will be accommodated in one place. Current local anti-covid restrictions must be observed (see the Covid Bulletin)



We update event timetable. Updated version is available at SCHEDULE pages.



Bulletin 2 is still in the progress, but more and more questions must be answered, we decided to publish QUICK QUIDE.

Quick guide includes the most important questions about entries, visa, and race conditions…


New photos of terrain – January 2022

After a great thaw during  unusually warm weather at the end of December, snow  fell again in Ore Mountains, and copetition area is ready to race!

You can find photos under the emabargoed areas page.


Happy New Year 2022

The whole organizing team wishes you a healthy, happy and succesfull New Year!

Despite hard times with new Omicron variant of COVID-19, we would like to ensure all of you that planning goes very well and bulletin 2 will be publish in early January.


WUSOC goes international

So far, we have registered more than 100 skiers from 13 countries, what is one of the highest participations in history of FISU World University Championship Ski Orienteering. Individual entries deadline is approaching so be sure your name is on!!


The first snow fell in the Czech Republic

2022 FISU World University Championship Ski Orienteering is approaching and the Czech Republic is preparing for the races. Today the first snow has fallen and the long-term forecast looks good as well. We all believe there will be a good condition for skiing in February. 

The bad news is that the Czech Republic has been in Emergency status since yesterday. However, we do not yet anticipate that the current situation could affect the championship. For more information, follow our website and social networks.



Today is an important milestone for 2022 FISU WORLD UNIVERSITY CHAMPIONSHIP SKI ORIENTEERING – 100 days to go until the opening ceremony. We are looking forward to all of you, who is planning to come.

Remember, general entries deadline is within one week. More information about entries or event was published in bulletin 1.


Bulletin 1

More information about 2022 WUSOC in Jáchymov is published. Bulletin 1


Accreditation for WUSOC is open.

Accreditation for WUSOC 2022 is open, you can sign up your team HERE . More info about entries is published in ENTRIES site.


Bulletin 0 is out

Basic information about WUSOC 2022 in Czech Republic is published. Bulletin 0


Welcome to FISU WUSOC 2022 website.

Greetings visitor! You are warlmy welcome to new webpage of FISU WUSOC 2022. Here you can find all information about february venue. More pictures and videos can be found on our social media.